Kevin Scrivnor

California State University Channel Islands

Lecturer, Computer Science

Fall 2018 Schedule

Course Number Course Name Meeting Times Location
Comp 150 Object Oriented Programming MW 10-11:50AM Sierra Hall 1232
Comp/IT 429 Computer Networks M: 4-5:50PM, W: 3-5:50PM Sierra Hall 1131
Comp/IT 221 UNIX System Programming I M: 6-7:50PM, W: 6-8:50PM Sierra Hall 1222
Comp 337 Survey of Computer Gaming Online N/A
Previous semesters...

Office Hours

Location: Bell Tower (BT) 1705
Times: Tu - 1000-1200
Available by appointment as well.


N. Dolan-Stern, K. Scrivnor, and J. T. Isaacs. Multimodal Central Place Foraging. In Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC 2018), January 2018.
Scrivnor, Kevin. CI Rainbow: A Flexible WSN for Environmental Monitoring. Master's Thesis. California State University, Channel Islands, 2016. (Advisor: AJ Bieszczad)

Undergraduate Capstones

Medication Assistant, Andrea Rivera - Poster (PDF, 3.9MB)
IoT Sentry 1.0, David Swepson, Matt Fox - Poster (PDF, 3.5MB)
CI Rainbow: Exploratory CI Park Deployment, Taylor Dinkins, Jeffrey Marzec - Poster (PDF, 1,099KB)
CI Rainbow: Data Analytics and Visualization Tools, Nick Dolan-Stern - Poster (PDF, 245KB)
iOS Game: Planet Tower Defense, Daniel Grewal - Poster (PDF, 413KB)


CSUCIā€™s Computer Science students place 3rd in national NASA Swarmathon competition

Courses Taught in the Past

COMP 105 - Computer Programming Introduction
COMP 150 - Object Oriented Programming
IT 151 - C Programming and Data Structures
COMP 232 - Programming Languages
COMP 337 - Survey of Computer Gaming
COMP/IT 221 - UNIX Systems Programming I
COMP/IT 421 - UNIX Systems Programming II
COMP/IT 429 - Computer Networks
COMP 447 - Societal Issues in Computing
COMP 490 - Special Topics (NASA Swarmathon)
COMP 490 - Special Topics (Advanced Software Engineering)
COMP/IT 491 - Capstone Prep
COMP/IT 499 - Capstone
IT 497 - Directed Studies


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